Lima, Peru (Mar 2013)

Usually, we would tend to skip the big cities, but I have a good college friend who now lives in Lima.  Erin and her husband Pepe lead missions trips through Peru and are awesome people.  We met up with them for a couple of days and they introduced us to a Peruvian favorite dish – roasted chicken and fries.  Much better than our roasted chicken at home, and sort of a healthier equivalent to fast food.

Erin also took us downtown so we could see the square and tour a very interesting church.  It was an old Franciscan church with impressive artwork, architecture, and catacombs. She also introduced us to a few unusual jungle fruits.

While in Lima, we also enjoyed checking out the Inca market and buying fun souvenirs.  Jeff is perfecting his haggling skills.



A jungle-fruit flavored popsicle

A jungle-fruit flavored popsicle and Lima’s main square

Weigh yourself for a price

Weigh yourself for a price


Market (not the souvenir market)


1 thought on “Lima, Peru (Mar 2013)

  1. Julia Thielman

    you have done such an excellent job of capturing your trip with words, picture, and videos. Thanks for sharing! Just taking these moments to read & look have felt like a mini vacation. I love seeing the places in Peru that I had been to.


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